Some Day These Will be the Good Old Days

I’ve recently made a big, adult-ish decision to not return to Nipissing after I graduate this June. Instead, I’ll become a small fish in a big pond and move to Waterloo where I’ll attend Laurier for graduate school. Nipissing has been my home for the last four years, and I’ve loved absolutely each and every moment I’ve spent here.

As an ode to Nipissing, I’ve compiled a list of five things that I’ll miss most about North Bay and the university.

  1. The ladies who remember my order at every Tim Hortons on campus – I’m not sure if this is a sentiment to how much coffee I drink or their fantastic memory, but either way, I definitely appreciate it.
  2. Walking to campus via the Monastery trail – the most ethereal view in the fall, and always smells perfectly fresh in the spring. A bit of a hike, but always an appreciated view.
  3. Days at Twiggs with endless cups of coffee – the most perfect study spot with an always fresh playlist and of course, opportunities for people watching.
  4. Having professors who remember me year after year, class after class – feeling like you actually matter to your instructors has always been really important to me, and building those relationships with your professors is huge. Having to take classes where I won’t know the professors (or that designated friend who will always take an elective class with you!) will definitely be a challenge.
  5. The friendly atmosphere, and small campus– being able to walk down the hallways on campus and see at least one person I know everywhere I go has always been a perk to me.

The next few months will be dedicated to soaking up as much time appreciating North Bay as possible – and of course looking forward to the future.

‘Til next time,