How to Survive your Last Six Weeks of the Semester

Now that reading week is over, we are finally in the home stretch! That’s right, before you know it in 6 weeks we will be writing our exams before we have four glorious months at home! Now if you’re like me I usually am both super excited and sad to go home for the summer because I’m leaving behind all my friends. But, have no fear I have created a collection of ideas to help you survive your last six weeks of the semester!

  1. Don’t forget about your assignments — get them done!
    Please please please don’t procrastinate! The worst thing you can do is procrastinate with your final essays and tests. Make sure that you get them done! It doesn’t just elevate your stress, but it also ensures that you’re going to get a good mark
  2. Make time for yourself
    Make sure that you plot some time for yourself in your busy schedule. Whether it be going to the gym, or watching a series on Netflix, you need to make sure you leave some time for you! With having exams around the corner and spending a lot of time doing assignments, you got to make sure that you leave time for yourself so that you’re not always in work mode. Trust me, finding a healthy balance between school and self-care time is always key to making it through these last six weeks.
  3. Don’t forget to eat
    One of the most important things to remember to do around this time of year is not eating healthy, or even worse forgetting to eat. We all need to eat; please don’t forget to eat. Make sure you stock up on vegetables and fruits. Please. I see way too many people eat not the healthiest, and it only hurts you in the long run by making you feel more sluggish, sleepy and lazy. My best tip for this is do meal prep!
  4. Go out and do some activities
    Residence is always popping with fun activities, if you live in residence that is the first place to check. You gotta make sure that you’re not just going from the school home to the library and repeat. That’s not fun, nor is it healthy. Make some plans with your roommates, go to the mall, go out for coffee. Whatever type of activity you like to do, make some time with friends to do it. Not only is it a fun way to spend your time, but it’s also a great way to learn a new skill or make some new friends!
  5. Just relax
    Don’t forget, as I said before; We’re finally in the home stretch. That means winter is almost over, spring and warm weather are coming, and you’ve practically finished another year at Nipissing! As scary and stressful as this time of the year is, make sure you try to keep your cool. If you feel like your stressed out and unable to keep your calm, Nipissing has some excellent services to help you out such as counselling, peer tutoring, and even academic skills drop-in centers. If you can think of it, we probably have it! So don’t feel overwhelmed, Nipissing is a place where if you need help or assistance you’ll receive it! Don’t forget to organize yourself; try a calendar so you have a visual representation of everything you need to do. And hey, if you need help with any assignments or papers? Ask your prof. Or as I said there is a number of services available to you if you’re having a hard time.

I wish everyone the best in their studies, and I know that if you utilize these tips, the last six weeks of our semester are going to fly smoothly by.