4 Perks of Taking a Course during the SPSU Semesters

As of Tues. March 6, registration for Spring/Summer classes has officially opened! Now, I know what you’re thinking…school isn’t even over yet, and here I am nagging you about enrolling in summer courses. And you know what, if I were in your position – and if I wasn’t the obnoxious, school-loving individual that I am – I would certainly be on your side; after all, it is only March! But hear me out, will you? By the end of this blog post, you might find yourself just as excited about spring/summer courses as I am.

So, what are the perks of enrolling in a course or two during the SPSU semester?

  1. You can get your breadth requirements out of the way.
    Have you been putting off your six credits of required science courses? Social science courses? Humanities (including three credits of ACAD)? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of exploring an unfamiliar topic with a full course-load, on top of tackling other obligations you might have?If you’re nervous about completing some of your breadth requirements simply because you don’t think that the subject is one of your strengths, enrolling in a SPSU course that can count towards the breadth requirements you’ve been dreading is a low-stress means of completing them. Just think about it: your six credits of the dreaded breadth requirement would be the only course(s) you’ve enrolled in. Thus allowing you to focus all of your attention and energy on doing the best you possibly can.
  2. You can take a reduced course-load during the regular school year!
    In my opinion, one of the greatest perks of SPSU courses is knowing that I can take a lighter course-load when the fall rolls around. Taking a lighter course-load allows you to participate in more of the activities you’re interested in: whether that be volunteering, intramural sports, or a variety of clubs and activities. You’ll also have more time to focus on the courses that you’re taking. You’ll have the opportunity to attend office hours more frequently, and take extra care with every essay and test.If you’re a student that finds yourself overwhelmed by a full course-load, enrolling in a couple of SPSU courses will aid in relieving some of that academic stress by reducing your timetable a little, though still permitting you to graduate on time.
  3. You’ll keep your mind engaged and “summer brain” at bay.
    As a student that’s majoring in both the social sciences and the humanities, I find myself lamenting my lost essay-writing abilities during the first week back at school. Four months doesn’t sound like an awful long time, but many students find themselves unable to get back into the swing of things after an extended period of working and binge-watching their favourite television shows.If you enroll in a summer course or two, sure, you can still binge-watch television and build your resume with a part time job; but you can keep your student brain sharp, and you can raise your GPA by getting an elective or two out of the way during the SPSU semester.
  4. There are often a variety of courses that might not be offered during the FAWI semesters.
    Scrolling through the courses offered in the upcoming SPSU session, many topics have peaked my interest. Including, though not limited to: Deviance and Conformity (SOCI 2076), Canadian Politics (POLI 2706), African Colonialism Independence (HIST 3127), and Environmental Issues in Forest (BIOL 3007).While some of these courses may appear in any given FAWI session, many of the courses offered are entirely different from other courses you may have encountered. From exciting outdoor labs, to engaging class discussions; you might find yourself exploring a topic you might otherwise never have expected you would be interested in.

Excited yet? Be sure to check out WebAdvisor, and see whether any of the courses offered are right for you.

Amber W.