The Final Stretch

After four years of being a student at Nipissing University, my time here will be coming to an end. The thought of my approaching graduation is bittersweet to me. While I am excited to finally be done my schooling experience, I will definitely miss all the things that Nipissing has offered to me.

Reflecting back on my journey here, I have realised how much my life has changed since the day I accepted my offer. I have gained so many valuable experiences through my volunteer work that I’ve completed within the school. Starting off as frosh leader, and later becoming a frosh coordinator, helped me open up and really start to get involved in the school. Becoming a board member on the Student Union’s Board of Directors surpassed any expectations I had.

Looking back, I am so glad that I made the choice to come to Nipissing. While other schools might have been able to provide similar experiences, Nipissing provided me with the feeling of belonging to a large family.

Below are some of the memories that I’ve had through my years here at Nipissing.

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I would strongly recommend anyone who is beginning their journey to start getting involved early, find what you’re passionate about, and give Nipissing another reason to remember you.