Caring? Passionate? Motivated?

If you are a caring, passionate and motivated person I would strongly consider applying to university to become a teacher. I have been accepted to the Bachelor of Education program. There are three divisions to select from, which are primary/ junior, junior/ intermediate, and intermediate/senior. Nipissing University offers both the consecutive and concurrent education program. If you decide you want to apply to the consecutive education program, then it is possible to experience more than one university. For instance, if you finished your undergraduate degree from Nipissing University then you can have the advantage of not just applying to Nipissing but also to different universities for the consecutive education program. Or if you have completed your undergraduate studies from another university besides Nipissing then you can consider applying to Nipissing University for the consecutive education program. I would consider a second degree because there are many benefits.

Do you feel you have been called to become a teacher? Most teachers I know personally have been called to the profession. I believe you may not like the feeling of being called to become a teacher, but you know there is something right about the calling. I applied to the consecutive education program because I believe I have been called to teach which in my opinion is the most nobel calling. I want to educate children to make the world a better place. I have experience working with different age-groups which can led me to apply to the consecutive education program. Teachers make a positive difference in the lives of students. When I was in college, I did a placement in full-day kindergarten. I loved reading books and singing songs to the children. The children loved when I implemented meaningful art and sensory activities. I implemented a cool science activity: I put a mentos inside a bottle of coke and it exploded. I explained to the children why the coke exploded. The children really enjoyed my learning activities. Also, in the kindergarten classroom I was able to set up a safe and positive environment for the children.

My college experience has led me to apply to university. I am very organized, empathetic, and reliable person. I love to learn new things. If what I have wrote about so far describes you then I would highly recommend the consecutive education program. There is just something right about the consecutive education program. My family members are proud of me that I applied to the consecutive education program.

I want to be a teacher because I want to make doctors, lawyers etc. I applied to the consecutive education program because I want to be an educated, respected, and professional person. I also believe that getting a university education is very important. I just want to educate young minds.

Below are more beneficial resources for you to read and watch:

There are awesome Teacher movies to watch that I absolutely love watching in my free time. I would recommend watching Stand and Deliver & The Ron Clark Story.

I hope I motivated you to succeed,