Celebrating you

Coming to an end in the semester has really got me thinking of these past eight months. Months of trying new things, adjusting to change and working harder than I ever have before. I love university, the school, the events and my program but I also love taking time for myself and to spend time with my loved ones. All I can say is that I am so happy the semester is coming to an end and the summer is quickly approaching.

If you’re anything like me, the end of the semester is when I like to look back at the two semesters and all of my accomplishments. And I can tell you, if you’re in university or college, there are a lot. It may not seem like it but you got so much work done, handled the stressful times, flew through exams multiple times, and maybe partied once…or multiple times. Ultimately, everything you complete in a year are accomplishments; whether related to school or not.

Accomplishments should be celebrated. Without hard work and dedication, you wouldn’t be at the end of the semester and ready to go into summer break! Every accomplishment should feel like a victory, something you have finished and achieved. Also, one less thing between you and 1) summer and 2) graduation.

So here’s to all the things you accomplished, all the dedication and hard work. Here’s to a relaxing and an amazing summer, here’s to you!

See you in the fall.