Summers in North Bay

Many students decide to go home for the summer but some students decide to stay in beautiful North Bay, work and enjoy all that North Bay has to offer in the summer. If you are one of those who decide to stay in North Bay, there is so much more to do than in the cold wintery months where it feels like you don’t see daylight or grass for ages!!

  1. Sports: There are lots of soccer leagues, co-ed baseball leagues or ultimate Frisbee leagues to join.
  2. Boardwalk and Beach: The boardwalk and beach are always nice to go to either for a before-work run or to enjoy a hot Saturday at the beach.
  3. Duchesnay Falls: Grab some friends and enjoy a nice hike to the falls.
  4. North Bay Farmers Market: Lots of fresh vegetable and local stands.
  5. Laurier Woods Conservation Area: Some more trails to walk on.
  6. Habitat Humane Shelter: They are always looking for volunteers to walk dogs.