First Year Advice


  • Wait until first week is over to buy books – sometimes the books listed in the course syllabus isn’t used much and the professor will tell you this. There is no sense in buying books for the sake of buying them. Additionally, check used book sale groups for books at a cheaper price or check amazon (you can price match at the bookstore). I guarantee this will reduce stress of trying to get all your books beforehand
  • Take advantage of free food – the first thing you will learn is to go wherever there is free food. There’s nothing as good as walking between classes and seeing a booth giving out free food. I promise you, this is the best part of university – especially Nipissing. It also means you don’t have to buy food as much or pack a lunch if you know there’s free food!  There is always free food somewhere.
  • Utilize the library– there are so many amazing resources at the library from private study rooms, to models and plushies to help you understand course material. There is also extended study hours around exams, and therapy dogs that come weekly. Ordering food to the library is promoted too! There’s nothing like getting pizza delivered while you’re studying. I unfortunately didn’t utilize the library first year and really wish I had.
  • Don’t isolate yourself – you might be feeling a little homesick and anxious to start school and meet people. Try to get out to events that are going on, sign up for clubs, sit next to new people in class or go to a res party. I understand that studying is important but it’s always essential to take care of yourself and to create relationships with others.
  • Find what works for you – Whether this be studying methods, friend groups or what time classes you have (unless you’re my fellow nursing students then there is barely a choice). Find what works for you and go with it! It will help you be more successful!
  • Utilize school resources – Make sure to use all the resources whether it’s academic advising, the student development and services (for counselling, testing purposes or interest in international studying). Also, the indigenous services welcomes everyone and provides smudging, pow-wows and are there for support. There are so many resources and services available for students so do not be hesitant to utilize them.
  • The gym – the gym is free and has a number of different machines available. There are also many classes going on during the day such as yoga and zumba. You cannot beat having a free gym membership and having it on campus.