Gentle Reminders to Keep up the Good work!

With Halloween put behind us, and the first snow-fall making it look a lot like winter here at Nipissing University. This is just a gentle reminder that we need to keep all the excellent work that you are doing, even when you are feeling a little down. Don’t forget that good things lie ahead for all of us! I bet if you’re like me, you are as stressed out and as tired as can be, especially with final assignments and exams right around the corner. Together I have compiled a list of gentle reminders to ensure that you are keeping up the good work and taking care of yourself.

  • Number one priority is to remember to take time for yourself. School and homework are essential, but don’t forget to check in with yourself and give yourself a much-needed break
  • Try not to stress out (I know it’s hard)!
  • Remember to try to manage your time efficiently. Saving things to the last minute is never fun to do.
  • Just try your best. That’s all that matters!
  • Don’t forget to try and have fun! Whether it be shopping, going to the gym, or getting involved in the school community, Nipissing has a wide variety of student-run groups and clubs that will likely entice your interests. And, if there isn’t you can always make a club with your friends and have fun!
  • Do something good so you, in turn, can feel accomplished. There are tons of opportunities to give back to the community. Take part in a community clean-up, volunteer, donate to a local charity. Do something that makes a difference in someone else’s life and your own.
  • It’s not the end of the world if you get a bad mark! Just study hard and do your best, that’s all anyone can ask of you!
  • Don’t forget to eat, and make sure that you are eating healthy! Take-out and junk food can be great once and a while, but don’t forget to get vitamins!
  • Living in residence? Check the calendar to see what exciting events are happening in your complex! It will take your mind off of school and get you involved in your residence complex, which might lead to the creation of new friends!
  • Even though you may feel like you’re busy all the time, take time for yourself and make time for friends and time to relax.
  • It’s okay to watch one more episode on Netflix
  • Don’t forget that there are Services available to you all over campus. Really feeling the weight of stress and winter blues? If you need someone to talk to don’t forget there are counselling services if you need them here at Nipissing. Nipissing offers a variety of programs that are at your fingertips if you need them!
  • If you’re worried about marks or assignments, take my advice and send your profs a message to get some extra advice and guidance. Don’t forget that everyone is here to help! If you need it, reach out!
  • Don’t forget to get a good night sleep.
  • I’m not telling you to skip all your classes but, if you are having a hard time it is okay to take a mental health day.

All of these little reminders are here to help you! Remember that you aren’t alone in any of this! There are tons of services and people to talk if you’re feeling stressed. Friends, Family, Professors, and Counsellors are all available to you! Try to ease your stress with these reminders. Don’t forget, you’re doing great and you’re only in school for a short time-Make the best of it!