Creating your Nipissing Family: Finding the People Who Will Always Cheer You On

I was the oldest child growing up. The one who was always telling my friends where to go and what we were supposed to be doing… basically the “Mom” of my friends. So when moving away for university came along, I thought I’d have no problem. Boy was I wrong!

I love North Bay, and I love my program, but moving away from my small town, where everything is familiar, posed my greatest challenge. Luckily for me I met my “Nipissing Family” in my first week at school! I participated in the Student Transition Program,  now known as Accessibility Transition Program a week before everyone else moved in.

In the span of a week, I developed a strong friendship with 3 of the girls in the program, while exploring all that North Bay has to offer. I now live with 2 of them in a house off-campus and eat dinner at least twice a week with the third! Someone close to me the other day challenged me to create a cheerleader circle for myself, so on the hard days I had a circle of people I could go to. This is something that has been really beneficial and has allowed me to use the people around me to build myself back up.

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with a friend who is in a similar position as you to remind you that together you are going to get through school and make a fantastic nurse and teacher!

Excuse me while me and my family put our Christmas tree up,