Organizing Your Time for Finals

You did it! You’ve almost made it to the end of the semester! This time of year, while being very stressful, is one of the most critical points in the semester. If you’re like me and you didn’t manage your time all too well, you’re probably juggling what feels like a million different assignments to do and hand in.

Being in my third year of university, I can attest that this stressful point in the semester does get better with time, and finals while they are stressful, are essential for you to complete.

Together I have compiled a list of ways you can organize your time and keep calm during exam season!

– Remember to eat, hydrate, and sleep. These three little things are often taken advantage of. However, they are KEY to organizing your time around finals. You don’t want to be so tired you can’t concentrate or be so dehydrated you get sick. Make sure you are trying your best to eat healthily, drink lots, and get a decent amount of sleep. I’ve done it in the past, and it does not make for an easy exam season.

– If you suffer from writers block occasionally like me, don’t forget to take some time for yourself too. Its okay to put your work away for a bit to clear up your thoughts!

-If you need a change of scenery, or you need to buckle down and get work down, whether it be studying for exams or working on papers, the library is a great place to go! With their extended hours starting this week the library is an excellent place to go that is open late and will allow for prime studying to occur.

-Don’t forget to take some time for yourself! I enjoy reading and watching movies, so I ensure I have time to relax and let myself have a break.

-Still stuck on how to organize your time? Have no worries Nipissing University has a wide variety of school programs that are exam time oriented that help you with managing your time and preparing for exams! Check out the various services offered at the school on social media!

– If you live in residence, gather a group of friends together and head to your floors study room! That way you can socialize, get some help from others and have fun studying!

All in all, don’t stress yourself this exam season. Do your best to organize your time to the best of your ability. Always remember that you can only do your best! I would love to hear what your tips and tricks on coping with exam season and organizing your time! Best of luck for everyone during this exam season!