Volunteer Opportunities are Worth the Time

When you work on assignments and study to the point where you feel as if you have no free time for yourself, volunteer opportunities can quickly become the last thing on your mind.
While I will admit that it is difficult to become involved with campus life and taking the time to volunteer is no easy feat, trying to make the time to do a little something for the community is worth the effort.
Volunteering around campus has been one of the best decisions I have made during my time at Nipissing. The experiences I have gained and the feeling of knowing your doing something for the community has been memorable, and completely worth it.
There have been times where the amount of work I have from classes has piled up, and I feel entirely overwhelmed; however, I always tried to make the time to continue to get involved around campus. Volunteering has proven to be a great stress buster. Whenever I volunteer, I make sure to set some of my school work aside and take a break from it. Volunteering helps put your thoughts back into perspective about what matters. Though school work and making sure you give yourself enough time to finish your assignments and give them your best effort, finding balance is crucial.
Volunteer work is an active way to separate yourself from your school work for at least a little while and know that what you are doing is worthwhile.
Some fantastic opportunities that happen on campus include being a Frosh Leader, working on the prospective student call campaign, getting involved with residence, as well as clubs around campus that cater toward the greater community such as NUSA. My own experiences with these opportunities and seeing their presence around campus has shown me that volunteering and making just a little bit of a difference does not have to consume every moment of your free time.