Ask an Undergrad: Should a Full-Time Student Pick Up a Part-Time Job?

As I have said a thousand times before, working towards earning an undergraduate degree alone is one of the most rewarding and challenging goals a person might have. And, so, some people might find it odd to learn that many undergraduate students maintain their full-time studies whilst holding a part-time job. For my entire undergraduate experience, I have juggled a part-time job, my full-time studies, and various extracurriculars that I am passionate about. And, let me tell you: it hasn’t been easy. I will also tell you, that there are so many benefits to working a part-time job. Such as the extra money will allow you to significantly reduce your student loans (or simply purchase lots of extra snacks), the resume-building, and oftentimes the potential to work a job that parallels your area of study. However, holding a part-time job during the academic year also has its downfalls. Its certainly difficult to organize and manage all of your commitments, and oftentimes I find myself feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

If you’re a student that has been considering taking up a part-time job, but still isn’t quite sure about it…The following is my advice to you!

Consider your options

If you’re not sure about working during the academic year—but you could definitely use some extra money for tuition and supplies—I would suggest checking out some of the scholarships and bursaries that are available to you as a Nipissing University student. This includes the many scholarships and bursaries that you are eligible to apply for during the fall term, OSAP grants and loans, as well as textbook bursaries and travel grants.

Don’t Overdo It

If you have decided that a part-time job is definitely for you, the single-most important thing that you can do is ensure that your potential employers are willing to accommodate students. To maintain your productivity and overall wellbeing, it is only suggested that students work a maximum of ten hours a week.

Definitely set aside some much needed time for homework, extracurricular activities, and even just time to do the things you are most passionate about. Believe me, a little free time goes a long way!

Pro-tip: working on-campus is a good way of ensuring that you have an employer that is sympathetic to your ever-busy student schedule.

Know Yourself

While a part-time job can be a pretty incredible opportunity to gain some extra experience (and money), its important that you have an honest conversation with yourself. More specifically, seriously consider whether you can juggle the various commitment that a part-time job and your full-time studies entail.

Be informed and confident in your decisions, Lakers!

Amber W.