Choose the Program that Inspires You

Whenever someone asks about how I chose my major, I’m always quick to joke that I didn’t: instead, my major chose me. While this all seems rather silly, there is an element of truth to my sense of humour. After all, I began my Undergraduate studies without a sense of direction or any real commitment to the major I had chosen at the time. I was also completely overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing one program and committing to it for the next four years. However, this all changed when I accidentally registered for a second-year Political Science course during my first semester. Shortly after my first semester ended, I enjoyed that course so thoroughly that I scheduled an appointment with Academic Advising and then chose to change my major.

It has been a few years since I made that decision, and I am just as inspired and passionate about my program as I was after that first lecture. Since then, I have also learned that my experience isn’t unique: many of my peers have switched their programs once, or twice, within their first two years of study. In sharing my experience, my aim is to offer all of you 3 pieces of crucial advice:

(1) You don’t have to know exactly what you want to study right now. However, you should consider registering in courses offered by a variety of different departments in your first year. This will give you the opportunity to try out a bunch of different programs, and you’ll quickly be able to indicate which programs are more suited to your interests than others.

(2) Its okay if you change your mind. I suggest scheduling an appointment with Academic Advising to discuss your options. This is especially helpful if you’re an upper-year student looking to switch programs.

(3) Most importantly, choose something that inspires you. I suspect that this sounds like a cliché, but, bear with me! You’re going to be studying under the guidance of your discipline for the next few years—and, one day, you’ll even make a career out of it. Whether that be English, Biology, Sociology, or even Political Science (like me)! While we both know that you’re already super passionate about Nipissing University, definitely ensure that you are just as enamoured with the program that you’ve chosen too.

Until next time, Lakers!

Amber W.