Maximizing Productivity: Finding the Study Spot that Works Best for You

Well, Lakers: it’s that time of the semester again. With only just a few weeks left until final exams, students from every program are certainly saddled with all-too-many course readings, assignments and mid-terms. During this part of the semester, productivity is,  undoubtedly, key. It is absolutely imperative that you find the perfect study spot to foster this aforementioned productivity. And so, I thought I would share a few of my favourite spots with you!

Nipissing University offers many study spots for students around campus. From the NUSU lounge to the education cafeteria, there are many spots for students to make use of. I am especially fond of the Green Lounge. While I have to admit that this spot has quite a bit of student traffic—and therefore noise— the tables and the couches placed strategically throughout, make for an especially cozy spot to get your study on. If you’re the kind of student who doesn’t mind a bit of background noise here and there, this lounge is a great spot for both individual and group work.

While this next spot may seem rather obvious, I must admit that I am really like spending time at both the Harris Learning Library and the North Bay Library. Each of these spaces have especially friendly staff, a variety of individual and group-work settings, and an even larger variety of resources to aid in your studies.

In addition to taking advantage of the cozy study spaces that these libraries offer, many of my peers will tell you that I am absolutely at my most productive (and certainly my happiest) with a slice of cheesecake and a cup of tea. This is undoubtedly the reason that I’ve grown to love writing papers and editing drafts at Twiggs Coffee Roasters. Keep in mind, however, that this spot can be quite noisy! And, so, I definitely suggest a different spot if you’re the kind of student that needs absolute silence to be productive.

Finally, I tend to do a lot of my studying and reflecting in the great outdoors. While the winter months tend to seriously inhibit my outdoor productivity—trust me, wet notes don’t make for particularly useful notes—I’ve grown to love reading course material with the company of the wilderness. Many of my favourite spots include: Duchesnay Falls, the North Bay Waterfront, and any spot near the pond on campus. With the right packed lunch and some cooperative weather, I am certain that one of these spots will be good for you.

While a change of scenery can be quite nice, be sure to frequent the spots that work best for you. Happy studying, Lakers!

Amber W.