The Benefits of Having a Furry Friend

The past few months I’ve been reflecting back on my 3 years at Nipissing, and have found myself realizing how lucky I have been! We have a beautiful campus surrounded by nature, I have amazing friends and recently an amazing, furry, study buddy!

When I lived in Founders House during my first and second year, I loved walking into the building and being greeted by the St.John’s Therapy Dogs. Having grown up with at least 2 dogs always around the house I didn’t realize how nice it is to have them there to greet you! Fast forward to this year, and I now have my own small dog, named Nelson. Nelson not only greets me when I get home from a long day of classes, but he reminds me to practice self care.

When it seems like there is a pile of readings, a million assignments and chores that need to be done it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself. Having Nelson to take outside, go for walks, and feed, reminds me that I should be practicing all these things as well.

Over the couple of months I challenge you all to look at places in our schedule where you could include some self care. Whether that looks like watching some Netflix, taking a bath, or going out with friends.  Anything that makes you feel good is self care. And if your reading this while at home with your furry friend I encourage you to hug them a little tighter, and take them on that walk you’ve been meaning to take them on!

All the best,

McKenna and Nelson