I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

In the next couple months, I will be halfway through my program and halfway to getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As I reflect on my time at Nipissing, I reflect on how much I love this school, and how I would not want to be learning and growing anywhere else. There are just so many reasons to love Nipissing University!

Nipissing is located a university and college based town. North Bay is dedicated to their students with bus fare included in tuition, many affordable restaurants, student discounts at various places and many more services offered to students. Residence also offers many services to its students, such as a grocery bus, a private room and many events that include free food. Nipissing residence is the only university that doesn’t require its students to purchase a meal plan because there are kitchens in all the suites! Additionally, residence is far more affordable here than many other schools. This was definitely one of the best things about Nipissing!

Nipissing is a small, supportive community. Although Nipissing may be far from your home, the people make up for it. Nipissing is a home away from home. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and the small class sizes make it easy for students and teachers to get to know one another. Small class sizes was one of the main reasons I chose Nipissing University. My program is roughly 70-80 students compared to other schools where the program holds hundreds of students. My largest class was Anatomy with 120 students, that included many from other programs. Having small class sizes gives students the opportunities to ask questions and seek guidance when needed

As a nursing student, we have the privilege to have clinical experience the very first year of school. In first semester, students are able to shadow a nurse during a shift, and second semester, students are able to work at both a long term care home, and the hospital. Students at Nipissing are extremely lucky compared to other schools that do not offer clinical rotation until second or third year. I am already working on my fifth clinical rotation! I am so grateful to have been offered these opportunities from the very moment I began my journey at Nipissing University.

I could go on and on about the many reasons I am so happy to be a student at Nipissing. Overall, Nipissing is an amazing school with so many incredible aspects- I am so happy I didn’t choose to go anywhere else.