Over the River & Through the Woods: Student Support at NU

Imagine for a moment that you’re going for a hike on a new trail. Some of your friends and family have done this hike before, and promised a gorgeous view at the end of the trail. Seems pretty nice, right? You’ve prepared for this hike: you’re wearing running shoes, you’ve dressed properly, you’ve packed a water bottle, snacks and a First Aid kit … you even brought an umbrella in case it rains, because you’re such an amazing hike planner!

As you enter the woods, everything’s going pretty well: the path is smooth and clear, and you’re prepared for anything! The scenery is beautiful and you’re not tired, so you can just take it all in and enjoy.

As time passes, you become a little winded. Suddenly there’s a large hill in front of you, but you decide keep going up the steep hill because you’ve walked up steep hills before and know you can make it. 



Now you’re feeling the burn! As you climb down the other side of the hill, there’s a wide river and you’re not really sure how to cross it. You’ve never been on a hike with a river like this before.

You could text your friends and ask how they crossed it, but you’re a bit nervous that it’ll make you seem like an inexperienced hiker.

You decide to jump across … and you almost make it!

By this point, you’re exhausted and you’re soaked from trying to jump across the river. Hey, it’s all part of the hiking experience, right? At least, that’s what everyone says. So, you carry on. Luckily, the path is comfortable for a little while longer. As you start to enjoy the view again, you round the bend and you’re faced with the biggest hill you’ve ever seen! It’s steep, rocky, and there are roots sticking out from the dirt. You’ve never climbed a hill like this and none of the items you’ve packed can help you out. You’re already drained and feeling a bit defeated. How do you go about climbing this scary looking hill? Can you ask anyone for help? Would it be silly to ask for help at this point? You’ve lost sight of that end goal: the beautiful view. How could this happen? You were so prepared for everything!

You’ve probably figured out what I’m doing by now (and I’m sure my brilliant artwork helped). This hike is representative of your year so far: the preparations you made, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the obstacles you may still face. You’ve come so far and should be proud of your accomplishments! With this in mind, remember that it’s still okay to seek support at any point in order to reach your goals! Here are some of the supports that Nipissing offers that you can reach out to at any time:

Student Counselling Services

Student Accessibility Services

Student Learning & Transitions

Academic Advising

The Equity Centre

Office of Indigenous Initiatives

Your Residence Dons: Find them on your floor at Founders, Chancellors, and Governors, or seek out your Section Don at TRC!

In your journey, you might face obstacles that can make it difficult to ask for help. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to seek support at any point. After all, the view from the top looks pretty fantastic!


~ Amy