Our Journey So Far to Becoming a BPSO

In the last couple of weeks, Nipissing University’s School of Nursing has been featured, along with 2 other institutions, for our work to become Best Practice Spotlight Organizations in the Registered Nurse Journal. This is something to celebrate as our Nursing School works to engage faculty and students in the implementation of 5 Best Practice Guidelines into our curriculum.

As students we have been given the opportunity to become Best Practice Guideline Champions through a day long RNAO workshop and become members of the student BPSO team. I have been lucky enough to be named the Student Lead for Pain Assessment and Management. Together with 6 of my peers, I will conduct a workshop focused on teaching my peers about pain and the best practice tools they can use when they are caring for patients.

Another exciting experience that we have the opportunity to participate in, is hosting an Open House! The open house will showcase each of the 5 guidelines we are implementing, guest speakers, food and a raffle. This is a great opportunity for community members, future and current students, faculty and staff, to learn about everything we have been working on. When I entered nursing school I did not see myself becoming a RNAO representative or a leader within our school, but Nipissing has helped me realize that anything is possible!

Please join us on March 22, 2019 at 11:30 in the Nipissing University main lobby!

Looking forward to the many achievements ahead,