Let’s Get Involved!

It’s that time of year where everyone starts to feel groggy, tired and bored. I know I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of the snow and the cold, cold weather. Not to mention, with midterms right around the corner, students are feeling stressed and tired. I know watching NetFlix and taking naps seems like the only thing you can do in your free time but, don’t fear Nipissing offers a wide variety of events, programs and initiatives that will spark your interest and offer creative ways to spend your time!

Walking around campus is the perfect way to find a variety of events, clubs and initiatives. Check the general notes boards to see what events are happening around campus. Better yet, join a club, or if you don’t see any that interest you, make your own club! From Sharing Circles at the Indigenous Initiatives Office, to Bonfires run by the History Society, or even Relay for Life! International Women’s week is an especially important event week. For one week in March,  the campus offers a wide variety of events, and invites guest speakers to come to the University to speak on gender equality, gender issues, and more!

If you live in residence, take a look at the calendar in the front hall, and look around the complex for any posters advertising upcoming events. Residence Dons and floor reps are always looking for students to put forth their own event ideas !

Another option is go out into the community to find something useful to do with your free time! The Gathering Place, the North Bay Museum, or Big Brothers and Big Sisters are just a few of the organizations where you can volunteer your time! Take a few moments of your time and see what organization sparks your interest. Get your friends involved too! Do something good in your community and strengthen your friendship, or even make new friends. Volunteering in the community is a great way to get involved in North Bay culture!

Next time you’re bored, or you’re unsure of what to do, use your time to learn something new, make new friends, help others and get involved!

Events are especially crucial in helping to round out your university experience, help make friends, and it looks great on your Record of Student Development! Help others and help yourself! You might find a new interest! Let’s get involved!