Early Days

It isn’t a secret that the days are growing longer, and the sun has been peeking out more often. Our short grey days, are slowly shifting into longer and sunnier days. This can only mean one thing – spring is just around the corner.

My favourite thing is waking up early and knowing I’m up earlier than most others. I feel by getting up early, I get more out of my day, and am far more productive compared to when I would wake up in December and fall right back to sleep, because it felt ‘too early’. I pour a fresh cup of coffee and get to work.

I think with the spring so nearby, I’m able to get more done. The earlier I get up, the earlier I go to bed, but still have so much time in the day to get things done. I feel I am able to get myself more together, and have more time to relax before going to class or whatever else I have planned for the day.

Ultimately, I still have more time in a single day now than I did three months ago. Maybe it’s because I know I’m on the home stretch and if I can get one more quiz, one more assignment, one more class done; I’m that much closer to finishing off this semester. I strongly urge you to try to get yourself up earlier. I promise you will feel like you have accomplished much more than you thought you would have!

The warm sunny mornings are so close. The light feeling of spring and the weight that gets lifted off your chest as you walk out of the door of your last exam. I cannot wait for the days to get a little sunnier and a little brighter. In the meantime, early mornings are still the best time for myself and I suggest you give them a try.