(From left to right: Carlee, D'Shawn, Danielle, Cooper, and Hayley)

Name: Carlee Bennard
Hometown: Burlington, ON
Program:Honours Bachelor of Arts Double-Major in English Studies and Geography, and Concurrent Bachelor of Education
Year: 3rd

Why I am unique: I am the goal keeper for the Women's Varsity Soccer Team here at Nipissing University. This has given me the opportunity to continue playing the sport I love at the highest level of competition.

What I love about Nipissing: Nipissing University has become my home away from home. I love the campus and its location as it is surrounded by nature. I also love how I am not a number at this school, professors and peers know me by name, making Nipissing feel like a tight knit community.

Name: D’Shawn Johnson
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Program: Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
Year: 2nd

Why I am unique: My personality.

What I love about Nipissing: The school size...you are not just a number in a classroom.

Name: Danielle Steven
Hometown: Forest, ON
Program: Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Concurrent Education
Year: 4th

Why I am unique: My passion for volunteering and outgoing personality has allowed me to have many life changing experiences both at home and now in the North Bay and Nipissing communities, while meeting some amazing new individuals along the way.

What I love about Nipissing: I love Nipissing for it's small, close knit community. Coming from a small town I did not want to become just a face in a crowd of people. Here I feel like this is my second home. The beauty of nature that surrounds the campus is also an added bonus!

Name: Cooper Allen
Hometown: Barrie, ON
Program: Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
Year: 1st

Why I am unique: I had the opportunity to travel through most of Central and Southern Ontario while playing competitive sports, and would have never envisioned moving to the North until visiting Nipissing University. This experience provides me with a unique perspective of the province, Nipissing University, and the City of North Bay.

What I love about Nipissing: Being more than just a number. Knowing my professors and many other students within my program on a first-name basis has made it much easier to be successful both academically and socially.

Name: Hayley Heaslip
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Stream)
Year: 4th

Why I am unique: As a student I started Nipissing's first sorority, and have been involved in many aspects of student life here at the university. I have a huge passion for giving back, and want others to be able to see how amazing this school is!

What I love about Nipissing: Nipissing too me is my home away from home. I have become friends with some brilliant and kind hearted people here, and even my professors take the time to get to know me, and will ask me about what new projects I've taken on. It is a small school, with a massive heart!