Casey Monkelbaan Name: Casey Monkelbaan
Hometown: Hamilton, ON
Program: Bachelor of Arts in History
Year: 2nd

Hey guys! My name is Casey Monkelbaan, and I am in my second year here at Nipissing University! I’m a History Major and a Spice Girls fanatic. I have lived in good old Hamilton, Ontario for my entire life. I love to travel so, going away for school really wasn’t that hard of a decision for me to make. I love nature and adventure, and Nipissing offered all of that and a great education! So, the choice was simple for me to make. In my spare time I love to read and I like to think I’m a decent amateur photographer! My dream is work in a museum but, right now I’m content with making friends, going to school, eating a lot of pasta and overall, just enjoying life at university!