Evan Gomes Name: Evan Gomes
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Program: Major in Geography with Concurrent Education (Junior/Intermediate)
Year: 5th

Hello! My name is Evan Gomes. I am a 5th year Concurrent Education student, Junior/Intermediate stream, majoring in Geography. I work in the Office of Student Development and Services with the Ask Me Team, a new initiative aimed at supporting first year students in their transition to Nipissing. I was a Residence Don and Community Advisor and spent the first 4 years of my degree living in all 4 residence buildings. I am also the Head Laker Maniac, which is a group of students who attend sports events to pump up the crowd. I am a fan of stand-up comedy, bacon, Taylor Swift and bad puns. I love this school, and hope that you discover a reason to love it here too.