Jenn Gomolka Name: Jenn Gomolka
Hometown: London, ON
Program: Major in English Studies with Concurrent Education, double-minor in History and Geography
Year: 3rd

Hello Everyone! My name is Jenn Gomolka and I am currently a third year student in the Concurrent Education Program with Honours Specialization in English and a double minor in History and Geography. I grew up in the big city of Mississauga Ontario and moved to London Ontario about a year ago. I love Nipissing University and I am thankful for everyday that I get to spend on this beautiful campus. Being from a big city I really like the idea of going to a smaller school and enjoy the outdoors while I’m at it. Nipissing is a great place if you want to get involved around campus and make the most of your years here. In the last few years I have been a student athlete, a NUSA member and an Academic Don. There’s a ton of places to get involved in around campus and I would highly recommend trying it out. Make the most of your time here, because before you know it graduation is coming up and it’s sadly time to say goodbye. So cherish it while you’ve got it!


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