Justin Bereczki Name: Justin Bereczki
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Program: Major in Social Welfare and Social Development, minor in Philosophy
Year: 4th

My name is Justin, and I’m a fourth-year Social Welfare & Social Development student with a minor in Philosophy. I know that’s a pretty big title, but I assure you I’m not that pompous - I like to think of myself as down to earth. Especially, you know, because gravity exists. If it didn’t though, I’d likely be clinging to the side of the university and trying not to float away: partially because I’m trying not to die, but mostly because I love it here. I’m from Whitby, a town off of Lake Ontario wedged between Ajax/Pickering and Oshawa. I’m sort of a connoisseur for weird hobbies: boomerang, yo-yo, rubiks cubes, frisbee...I even collect shirts with cats on them. I’ll basically do anything that is cool and you can find on Youtube. Of all my hobbies, though, the coolest is definitely whip cracking. A couple people even know me around campus as ‘Whipper!’ To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the name, I just sort of go with it. Every step is another one on my journey toward eventually being famous. Or, you know, getting a desk job and living an average life in a suburb somewhere. Whatever works, really. Anyway, I hope you take a gander at my blog posts and enjoy the journey you’ll be taking with me through this little thing we call university. I’ll do my best to keep it fun!