McKenna Hill Name: McKenna Hill
Hometown: Keswick, ON
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Year: 1st

Hey there! My names McKenna Hill, and I'm in my first year of Nursing. Applying to Nipissing was something that just kinda happened and I haven't regretted my decision once! Wether it be the hiking trails or the library there's always something to do. And well we're on the topic of nature, the trek to the waterfalls is a must! In high school I was involved in just about every club or council in my school, now doing that in university is a different story and can be hard. So I've joined little clubs here and there and absolutely love it. There is never a dull moment! After graduation I hope to become a NICU nurse and after that I think I'll travel to do outpost or volunteer work around the world.