Megan Fraser Name: Megan Fraser
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Program: Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
Year: 3rd

Hello! My name is Megan Fraser and I am a third year Phys. Ed student! I chose Nipissing because I was attracted to Nipissing’s small school feel, large sense of community, and the picturesque campus. I would recommend Nipissing to future students because I have found the small community to be quite beneficial to my academics. My professors know their students, and the small class sizes allow them to focus more attention on each student. I have found Nipissing to be a very friendly and welcoming environment. As well, having a small community means you see people everywhere, making it easy to form new friendships. My two favourite places on campus are the gym and the library. Nipissing carries a positive atmosphere on campus and I am always glad to return here. My hobbies include dance, running, and yoga. I like to keep busy, and I am always looking for new ways to get involved on campus. This academic year I am the Program Assistant for Gen 1: First in the Family, helping students’ transition from high school to university. My plans after graduation are still uncertain, but as of right now I am looking to pursue a Master’s degree in sport psychology, health promotion, or nutrition. My time left here is short and I plan to enjoy it as best as I can!