Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor - Associate Registrar - Student Recruitment
Hometown: Stittsville, ON
High School: Sacred Heart Catholic Highschool
Program/University: BA.(Hons) Psychology & Sociology - McMaster University, BSW (ongoing), MSc Psychology - Maastricht University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: I adore the university’s close-knit community and incredible natural backdrop. The university has wonderful educational and living amenities in picture-perfect scenery. It’s clear when walking through this beautiful setting that everyone here invests in people and gives exceptional effort to make you feel welcome.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: How beautiful the trails behind the university are. They are incredible and only steps away from the university buildings.

What makes you unique: I used to compete in swimming since a very young age. At one point I sat down and did the math and I’ve spent more than the equivalent of 3 solid years full time (24/7/365) in the pool training or competing.

Kyle Anderson Kyle Anderson - Student Recruitment Officer
Hometown: Barrie, ON
High School: St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School
Program/University: BA History - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: The tight-knit community, beautiful campus, and the relationships I have made with my professors. Knowing your professors on a first name basis and interacting with them inside and outside of the university cannot be undervalued. Plus, enjoying a coffee (or adult beverage) with them at a local restaurant or pub is also fun.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: Nipissing offers undergraduate students the opportunity to explore their own research interests and assist professors in their research, as well. These opportunities are not always available at larger institutions.

What are you looking forward to in recruiting this year: Meeting new people across the province and sharing with them all the great things Nipissing University and North Bay has to offer.

What makes you unique: I have a passion for music and sports. I was formally in a band that toured across Eastern Canada and also provided on-air sports reports for the Kawartha Lakes Radio Station.

Emily Brown Emily Brown - Student Recruitment Officer (Contract)
Hometown: Amaranth, Ontario
High School: Westside Secondary School
Program/University: BA (Hons) Criminology - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: The community feeling on campus, both inside the classroom and outside. Everyone from your peers and professors to the president is incredibly friendly!

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: That we have a waterfall on campus!

What makes you unique: My first year of university I fed fruit flies for the biology and chemistry technician.

Sandra Brownlee Sandra Brownlee - Student Recruitment Officer (Contract)
Hometown: North Bay, ON
High School: Chippewa Secondary School
Program/University: BA Sociology with a minor in Religion and Cultures - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: Nature! The beautiful pond, hiking trails and waterfall right on campus.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: The welcoming community feel on campus as well as all the friendly and supportive staff and faculty makes accessing all services super easy.

What makes you unique: After graduating I worked for Disney Cruise Line.

Joe Clement Joe Clement - Student Recruitment Officer (Contract)
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, ON
High School: Algonquin High School
Program/University: BComm - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: This one is hard because there's so much to like about my time at Nipissing. From building those close relationships with professors and students to having first-hand opportunities in events such as the Women's World curling championships this past March. The campus is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in North Bay. Nipissing has the perfect sense of community and truly gave me a university experience that I will never forget.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: How much opportunity there is in the classroom and to get involved within the North Bay community.

What makes you unique: After travelling to Italy last year, I immediately caught the travel bug and have developed a passion for photography and videography that I hope one day will allow me to travel around the world and share my experiences through a lens.

Marilyn Johnson Marilyn Johnson (Daughter of the Winter Moon) - Indigenous Recruitment / Wiidooktaadwin Indigenous Mentorship Officer (Contract)
Hometown: North Bay Area
High School: West Ferris Secondary School
Program/University: MA - York University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: The trees and the pond.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: I was surprised at how friendly the staff and students have been. I previously worked at a large city university where the staff often kept to themselves.

What makes you unique: I enjoy working with students, and studying Flamenco dancing.

Sarah Marinelli Sarah Marinelli - Student Recruitment Officer
Hometown: Georgetown, ON
High School: Georgetown District High School, Christ the King Catholic Secondary School
Program/University: Diploma Integrated Marketing Communication - Canadore College / BA, BFA with a focus in Marketing and Fine Arts - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: Do I have to just pick one? The general vibe on campus is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Not just among students, but with staff and faculty as well.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: The ability to take classes from all different areas of study, not just your degree program. For an art kid, I sure took a lot of classes from criminal justice, gender equality and social justice, and even computer science.

What makes you unique: I have a very serious and totally rational (not) fear of all birds. Even penguins.

Meagan McLellan Meagan McLellan - Student Recruitment Coordinator
Hometown: North Bay, ON
High School: St. Joseph Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School
Program/University: Diploma in Business Administration - Canadore College, BBA - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: Hands down, the people and the surrounding environment. We're fortunate to have 25 kms of trails on campus. In the winter, you'll find me snowshoeing in the trails on my lunch breaks.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: The student engagement. Our students are full of Lakers pride and are always willing to help the recruitment team out at events and showcase what they love about Nipissing.

What makes you unique: I have a knack for busting out 90s dance moves.

Beverley Peltier Beverley Peltier - Maandoonidwin Indigenous Recruitment Coordinator (Contract)
Hometown: Wikwemikong Unceded Territory
High School: Manitoulin Secondary School
Program/University: BA Indigenous Studies - Laurentian University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: The amazing library with its variety of spaces to accommodate different learning/study styles, whether working individually or in groups.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: The campus! Being located within a natural landscape we have access to some of Northern Ontario's most beautiful landscape making our campus a place of discovery and adventure.

What makes you unique: I am an Anishinaabe-kwe, Odawa-Ojibwe of Manitoulin Island. I completed the majority of my studies for my undergraduate degree via distance education so I could maintain a flexible schedule that allowed me to work as well as study. Since having completed my degree I am happy to have extra time to pursue creative interests such as beading skills and learning more about textile art techniques

Chris Piekarski Chris Piekarski - Student Recruitment Officer (Contract)
Hometown: North Bay, On
High School: St. Joseph - Scollard Hall
Program/University: BA, Double Major in Sociology & Social Welfare and Social Development - Nipissing University / Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (Corporate Communications) - Seneca College

Most Surprising Thing About NU: I was surprised how much there was to discover within my own hometown and local campus! Never had a dull moment!

Most Looking Forward to this Recruitment Season: Getting a chance to visit all of the small towns with big hearts!

What Makes Me Unique: I'm a big sports guy and a lover of video games! If you see me, strike up a conversation! I'm always down to chat!

Kyle Weatherall Kyle Weatherall - Student recruitment Officer (Contract), Assistant Coach Men’s Lacrosse
Hometown: Ottawa
High School: St. Pius X High School
Program/University: BA double major in Political Science and Philosophy - Nipissing University

My favourite thing about Nipissing: Everything! But seriously, it is difficult to put into words the experiences that this incredible place provides. The land and the people are rich in providing opportunities for students to grow and manifest the life they’ve dreamt about.

The most surprising thing about Nipissing: The amount of opportunities students are provided.

What makes you unique: I was a member of the inaugural lacrosse team during my first year of study in 2012. We went on to receive admittance into the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA). During my last two years of study I captained the team and we made the playoffs for the first time in 2016.


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