Sarah Jacobs Name: Sarah Jacobs
Hometown: North Bay, ON
Program: Bachelor of Arts in History
Year: 2nd

Hello! My name is Sarah Jacobs and I am in my second year studying History. North Bay has been my home since the day I was born, and I can’t imagine a better place to spend my post secondary education. My favourite part of Nipissing has definitely been the hours spent wandering the trails and occasionally eating lunch at the falls. During the winter, however, I can almost always be found curled up on the couch in the library or green lounge studying. I am excited to participate in many of the wonderful opportunities Nipissing offers this year including volunteering and the fitness classes at the gym. Nipissing has quickly become a second home for me, and hope it is the same for all of you! After I graduate I’m considering going to law school since the topic as always interested me, but I’d be just as happy to end up in a dusty museum researching the world’s past. As long as I end up doing plenty of travelling at some point in my future I will never complain!