Tealia Carriere Name: Tealia Carriere
Hometown: Pembroke, ON
Program: Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources
Year: 2nd

Hi! My name is Tealia Carriere and this is my second year at Nipissing majoring in Business streaming in Human Resources. My current hometown is Pembroke, however, being military, I have lived across this beautiful country and back! I chose Nipissing because it was the perfect distance from home, was situated in a fantastic city, and have the best residences for students. Nipissing is the perfect university for students looking for the personal one on one teacher interaction, a balanced lifestyle, and the want to get involved in campus activities. I spend a lot of my time on campus in the classroom getting the most out of my classes and talking to my professors as to how I can better myself in the class. Last year I was the head of the Social Group at Chancellor’s House Residence, as well as sitting on Community Action and being a part of Thursday Night Jam Session which got Chancellor’s its own piano! This year I am part of the Young Conservatives, and a Student Blogger. After graduation, I am hoping to go back and complete a psychology degree, and go wherever life takes me :)