Vincent Evans-Lucy Name: Vincent Evans-Lucy
Hometown: Bracebridge, ON
Program: Major in Biology
Year: 5th

Hey! My name is Vincent Evans-Lucy and I’m in my fifth year of the Biology program here at Nipissing; I absolutely love it! It’s a very hands-on, diverse program with amazing professors who are always there for you! I chose Nipissing University, primarily for the small class sizes and close student-professor interactions. I also was interested in moving to a larger town than my hometown, but not too big, like a larger city. So, North Bay is perfect for me! I think one of the most important things, as student, is that you feel comfortable in your learning environment, which I totally do! During my time at Nipissing I have been a Frosh Leader, a Biology Society Executive, International Student Mentor, and a member of the Nipissing/Canadore Dance Club. Also, this school year, 2015/2016, I will be the Academic Don in Governors House! I’m am unsure of what my plans will be after graduation, but I hope to pursue a career potentially in the marine biology/ecology area. But you never know, things may change! Feel free to say hi or stop me anywhere on campus if you want to have a friendly chat! Thanks for taking the time to read this and my blogs and enjoy your time at Nipissing!