Our Journey So Far to Becoming a BPSO

In the last couple of weeks, Nipissing University’s School of Nursing has been featured, along with 2 other institutions, for our work to become Best Practice Spotlight Organizations in the Registered Nurse Journal. This is something to celebrate as our Nursing School works to engage faculty and students in the implementation of 5 Best Practice […]

It Isn’t Easy to Say Goodbye

Four years ago, I wrote a blog post about six of the most important lessons that I learned during my first year of undergraduate studies. While I cannot possibly reduce my NU experience to just six lessons, I cannot help but think about how almost unbelievable it seems that in just a few short weeks […]

There’s An App for That

Most of us spend a great deal of our waking hours on our phones or laptops, but this time doesn’t necessarily have to be unproductive. Electronic devices can be a huge resource for students with the help of some handy apps. The Multitasker Evernote is a multipurpose app that allows users to write notes, take […]

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

In the next couple months, I will be halfway through my program and halfway to getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As I reflect on my time at Nipissing, I reflect on how much I love this school, and how I would not want to be learning and growing anywhere else. There are just […]

Hit The Jackpot This Summer

This time of year has me reminiscing about the homework-free, sunshine-filled days of summer. With only a few months left of the school year and summer job applications already popping up, now is the perfect time to begin planning for those warmer months. A summer job will help you build your resume, gain marketable skills, […]

Opportunities Nipissing Has Provided Me Outside of School

There are many times as students when we are encouraged to reach out of our school boundaries and engage in other learning opportunities. As a nursing student this can seem daunting when you have 3 essays, a reflective journal, 2 pre-clinicals and a midterm to study for. In my first 2 years here at Nipissing […]

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Celebrating you

Coming to an end in the semester has really got me thinking of these past eight months. Months of trying new things, adjusting to change and working harder than I ever have before. I love university, the school, the events and my program but I also love taking time for myself and to spend time […]

A Beginners Guide of How To Survive Nursing School

Out of everything I have learned in the past 2 years as a university student, it is the skills of survival that are the most valuable. Not just academically, but independent living, long distance relationships and self care survival skills. Nursing school is one of the most life changing experiences you will go through as […]

4 Perks of Taking a Course during the SPSU Semesters

As of Tues. March 6, registration for Spring/Summer classes has officially opened! Now, I know what you’re thinking…school isn’t even over yet, and here I am nagging you about enrolling in summer courses. And you know what, if I were in your position – and if I wasn’t the obnoxious, school-loving individual that I am […]

Undergrad in the Lab

It feels like just yesterday that I was attending Nipissing’s March Open House in my grade twelve year. I had received offers of admission from multiple schools, and it was time to make a decision as to where I would spend my next four years. When I attended the open house, I got the opportunity […]


I am pursuing a minor in sociology which I have no regrets about taking. I always get so glad when I tell people I am so close to finishing my degree in Child and Family Studies with a sociology minor. I believe sociology would be great to minor in because there are so many graduate […]

Honorary Newfie

Would you like to wake up beside the ocean, hike a mountain, and encounter a moose all in the same day? If so, Newfoundland is the place for you! This past summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Biology Field Camp in Gros Morne National Park and it was truly an experience like […]

The End of Semester Stress

It’s that time of the year again where finals are approaching and everyone is stressed out. It is okay to be stressed out, indeed it is normal and expected to be stressed out but it is important how you handle your stress. Here are some tips on how some students handle the stresses of end of the semester and exam season:

You Don’t Have to Decide Right Now

Back when I was in high school and trying to decide on what university I wanted to go to, I was going through all the questions in my mind and I ended up at a standstill based on my rational self and what I wanted to pursue.

You’re Never A Number, You’re Always A Person

Sometimes we can feel like although there are people all around us we are completely alone and no on cares in that moment how we are feeling and what is happening in our lives. As a second year nursing student effected by the 6 week college strike, it often felt like throughout the strike our political figures didn’t see the 500,000 students out of class as people and just a number.

Knowledge is powerful, so why not consider a degree in CHILD and FAMILY Studies!

Welcome, I am in my last year of the Child and Family Studies degree program with a minor in Sociology. I believe this is an important blog for those who are considering working with children, or maybe you are not sure what you would like to study. So far, I love my courses because I have been able to take a variety of classes while studying Child and Family studies.

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Why I Chose Nursing at Nipissing

As my first year as a nursing student comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the one question I got asked a lot this year: Why did I decide to become a nurse?

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Undecided or Indecisive: How to decide which program is right for you

Over the past nine weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of students and I can’t help but notice a trend. There are so many students who are still undecided and just want to study everything. If you are one of those students, do not fear because I was once in your shoes and with this job, I find myself again very indecisive as to what I want to study next. My hope is that by the end of this blog, you will feel inspired and have some more tools in your toolbox to help you make the right decision for you!

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A Place To Grow

I often tell people that Nipissing is a great place to discover and grow their passions; I have a really good reason for saying this, but I am rarely able to share more of my story, so here we go!

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Upgrading your business diploma to a Nipissing University degree

I’m a firm believer in post-secondary education. I have an obvious preference for Nipissing University, being a two-time graduate, but I support anyone who goes on to further their education. For a lot of students, this journey begins with college…but it doesn’t have to end there.

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Small class size? No contest.

Hello everyone, my name is Markus Hawco, a third-year Business student specializing in economics and recently elected to be the Student Union’s (NUSU) VP of Finance.

An Upper-Year’s Guide to Staying Productive

Nipissing students, in recent events, have had a lot of time on their hands. Sometimes this is good and can get inspiration flowing or allow for a breather in an otherwise hectic life, or other times it may lead to a slump and a lack of productivity. As an upper year student, I’ve experience both the inspiring and the lack-luster breaks and have developed a handy list to help keep you motivated and productive all the way through yours!

BBA Specializations Galore

Hello prospective business students, my name is Markus Hawco – a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student with streams in Marketing and Economics. Before I start I would like to encourage and congratulate you on thinking about business at Nipissing University; it is a group of warm, encouraging professors who push you to be leaders of the private sector.

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To Those Who I Have Met on the Road

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whose path I have crossed during the 2014/2015-recruitment season. With my time as a Nipissing University student recruiter recently coming to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the things I have experienced.

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First year in the eyes of a second year

Looking back at it all, now being a veteran second year Business Administration student, first year seems so different. First year is definitely a challenge, you complete a huge transition and you have to get used to a whole new way of independent life. What I can assure you, is that it will be a huge challenge but looking back on it, you will see how much it helped you, and how eye opening the real world is.

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A Reflection of my Time at Nipissing

It is crazy to think that my time at Nipissing University is about to come to an end. I have had such an amazing four years and although I am graduating, I don’t think I am ready to leave North Bay quite yet. When I first arrived at Nipissing University in 2011, I had no idea what to expect. Since then, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. As goes for most things, there have definitely been some ups and downs but I have been able to learn and grow so much as a person that I am thankful for everything that has happened along the way.

Choosing your specialization.

Something you are going to hear a lot going into the business program is “What specialization are you in?” or “What one are you thinking of taking?”. To clarify for anyone unaware; the Business Administration 4 year program has specializations in; Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Organizational Studies/Human Resources and Technology Management. A student may choose to specialize in one area, which means they must take extra credits in that field of study and at graduation, they will graduate with a specialization.

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Why February is so Important

I know it’s tough to start thinking about summer now but having a good summer job really is key to making the most of your summer and also making the cash you need to survive the next year at university. February is the ideal time to start looking for and applying to summer jobs. Nipissing offers many great summer employment opportunities if you plan on staying in North Bay. The Office of Student Development and Services on campus can also help you if you are on the hunt for summer work, be it at Nipissing or elsewhere. They will help you put together a strong resume and cover letter to apply for any summer job, or potential career opportunity you wish to pursue. They also offer interview help and can prepare you for your interview no matter which position you are seeking.

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Advice for Midterms

It is so hard to believe midterms are coming up already! As a fourth year student, I like to think I am a little more prepared for this but something about tests never fails to make me nervous. Looking back on my first year at Nipissing I remember feeling extremely nervous about my first ever university midterms and exams. I’m no expert but I thought it may be helpful to share some of the things that helped get me through these past three years.

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Becoming a Southern/Northern Girl

I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Ontario, called Newbury. It has 440 people, and our main attraction is a Home Hardware, a beautiful Home Hardware, but still a Home Hardware. I grew up with cornfields, 40 degree weather with the humidex, and tobogganed down a ditch because that was our biggest hill in the winter.

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My Exchange Experience: First in the Family for University and Travelling

I’ve always been a very independent and hard working person but I never truly felt confident and comfortable with my independence until I came to university. Without that boost in confidence, I don’t think I would have been able to be the first in the family to travel overseas! To put my experience into perspective, I’ll start with a little history about myself and how I got to where I am now, in my third year of university.

Nipissing University’s Local WUSC Committee

DID YOU KNOW by attending Nipissing University you are directly helping a refugee student achieve a university education? That’s right! Every student pays a small levy into their tuition, which in turn allows a refugee student to attend university, which they otherwise may not have been able to do. To date, Nipissing has graduated two refugee students, currently is hosting a third and we are in preparation for our fourth student to join us in September!

A Day/Week In The Life As A Concurrent Education Student

A day in the life of a Concurrent Education student tends to be fairly busy, because you are taking two different degrees at the same time. However, in the long run, it is very rewarding.

If I knew then what I know now…

Hello there, my name is Shane, a 21 year-old student in the same boat as most others around my age. This is my first year here at Nipissing and I’m majoring in the Bachelor of Business Administration currently leaning towards streaming into Accounting. After I graduated from high school I took a victory lap, went to George Brown College and then Laurier Brantford, so suffice it to say I have been through quite a bit in regards to post-secondary education. I want to talk about what I have learned from my experiences from these past three to four years, what felt like being drawn the wrong hands and how I would have changed things if I had the opportunity to.

Tips and Techniques For Incoming Students

Coming to university can be one of the biggest decisions for some, while being the easiest decision for others. Some people may have dreamed about a certain university all their lives and others may have no idea where to start when looking at different schools, and I can tell you I was one of these students. I knew I wanted to become a teacher but I had no idea where to go, what school to apply to, or how far I wanted to be from home. Four years later, I am finishing my undergrad and only have teacher’s college left in the upcoming school year, and I can honestly say that coming to Nipissing University was the best decision I could have made to pursue my dreams.

A day in the life of a Business student

The life of a business student is fun, interesting, demanding but above all rewarding. I will take you through my busiest day of the week from wake up to bed. Keep in mind though, this is how my schedule looks, they are completely customizable to your own liking. The business program has a variety of courses offered at many different times.

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