Let’s talk about L-O-V-E (yourself, that is)

If there’s anything that I think people struggle with, it’s loving themselves. Growing up, insecurity runs deep in many. Whether it’s about body image, intelligence, confidence, self esteem, self acceptance – whatever that creates an obstacle blocking you from loving yourself. Maybe it’s because we’re all still trying to figure out who we are – […]

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Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

As a fourth-year student undergoing my final year of post-secondary studies, I can confidently say that I’ve exhausted my privilege of hindsight and have spent much of my fall semester reflecting upon my experience as an undergraduate student. While Nipissing University has been the foundation for many happy memories and quite a bit of personal […]

Celebrating you

Coming to an end in the semester has really got me thinking of these past eight months. Months of trying new things, adjusting to change and working harder than I ever have before. I love university, the school, the events and my program but I also love taking time for myself and to spend time […]

Canada to Spain: Making the Most of my Time Abroad

I’ve always known that I want to be a teacher. What I didn’t know was how could I gain the experience that I need in order to excel in that career. In high school I worked as a hostess, and later a waitress. Sure, I held some babysitting jobs here and there, and tutored some […]

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Enjoying the Small Things

I often forget to notice the lovely small things that surround me in life. I become so preoccupied with my studies or what time the bus is going to pick me up or even what brand of yogurt I want to buy. However, I seem to always be distracted or have my head down and […]

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Honorary Newfie

Would you like to wake up beside the ocean, hike a mountain, and encounter a moose all in the same day? If so, Newfoundland is the place for you! This past summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Biology Field Camp in Gros Morne National Park and it was truly an experience like […]

Campus Jobs for Students

Is working on campus really all that it seems? The answer is yes. Taking on a job while being a student may seem to be a little daunting and overwhelming, but in reality, part time campus jobs provide that perfect balance between some extra cash in your pocket and still being able to focus on […]

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Making the Most of Your Degree: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Pursuing a Minor

As a third-year undergraduate student here at Nipissing University, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you know your degree and program options. There are so many to choose from, and each degree and program option offers unique opportunities for a student to explore their academic, occupational and individual interests! While I could spend hours talking about the different options you might choose from, today I’ve decided to tell you about my favourite program addition—the minor—and I’ve provided four reasons why you should pursue one too!

Staying Focused During Exams

Final projects and essays are due, you’re exhausted and behind on sleep and all you can think about is being done school for another summer. Summer is near…and so are exams. Staying focused on exams can be tough, here are some tips for getting through exams and all the deadlines!

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Do I Need a Crystal Ball or is My Future Crystal Clear?

All that my friends and I have been able to talk about lately is the prospect of finishing third year this year – and finally moving into fourth year and finishing our undergraduate degrees. I have one particular group of friends that have been together since our first few days in first year – but the five of us are all headed in different directions next year: law school, graduate school, nursing, teacher’s college, and pursuing an MBA. Regardless, we’re all feeling the pressure that comes with each passing day to decide how next year will play out.

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Reading Week Regrets

So, it’s that time of year where 98% of students are feeling the weight of regret after not accomplishing that long to-do list we optimistically made at the beginning of Reading Week. As that guilt sets in, professors are reminding us that we’re in our final 5 weeks of the semester – cue panic. The good thing is that many of us are in the same boat and there are tons of strategies, resources, and tools to make the best out of the next month!

To Take a Summer Course or Not?

As summer is on the horizon, it’s hard not think about what it will be like to not have to open a textbook or log onto Blackboard for another 4 months. However, with summer approaching, spring and summer courses are also opening. I know that you may be thinking, “well I passed all my classes, why would I take summer courses?” Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a spring or summer online course!

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Exchange/Study Abroad and Why You Should Do It

Exactly one year ago, on this day and around this time I was on board a flight from L.A to Melbourne, Australia. I can remember my exact feelings of nerves, readiness, and excitement bundled into one as I woke up from my nap and peered out the window to get my first ever sneak peak of the Las Vegas strip. I was so excited to begin my adventure of seven months in Australia, but I was sad to leave my life back at home as well. I had slight tears in my eyes at the thought of not seeing my family for more than half a year, but I couldn’t believe what adventures would be in store for me down under.

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Bouncing Back from Stress

The most stressful situations, when I feel overwhelmed and unhappy, are also some of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face. I like talking about any and all struggles I have because its been a huge part of my experience as a student and a big part of my experience involved believing that perfection is achievable (Spoiler Alert: It’s not). I’ve had people come back to me and tell me that they never believed me when I told them how tough simple things can seem for some people when they are going through stressful experiences, until they went through them themselves.

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Visualize Your Future…Literally

Now, I know I’m a little behind on the “New Year, New Me” spiel. However, I hope these few words of advice are more helpful than a gimmicky New Year’s resolution that will be inevitably forgotten before reading week.

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New Semester, New Beginnings

At the beginning of every semester I look back on the previous semester and look ahead on the new one. When looking back it is easy to identify a test I should have studied more for, a reading I should have done or an essay that I could have proofread again. While there’s nothing that I can change from the past, I can make changes in the future. Once you fall behind, it can be hard to catch up and although we go into survival mode until reading week and have plans to catch up then, that week is much needed for some rest and relaxation. Here are some changes to consider for the new semester:

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A Place To Grow

I often tell people that Nipissing is a great place to discover and grow their passions; I have a really good reason for saying this, but I am rarely able to share more of my story, so here we go!

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Preparing for Mid-Term Season

I know it’s crazy that mid-term season is already here, I still feel like it is the second week of school and that we’re not in the middle of mid-term exams. Mid-term season is definitely overwhelming; campus jobs are in full swing, reading week is on the horizon or has just passed, you feel like you haven’t learned anything yet and assignments are also due in other courses.

From Nipissing University to Cambodia and Back!

Hi! I’m Alyssa – one of the new student recruitment officers here at Nipissing. I’m originally from Ottawa, and it was at Fall Open House that I made my decision to come to Nipissing. Now, I get to be back here in North Bay, after a few years away, and will soon be hitting the road to share my passion for this amazing university!

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One Billion Rising: Muskoka Has Risen!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you all an amazing event that occurred on February 6th at the Muskoka Campus. I worked with some dedicated students and Muskoka Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services to provide an event called One Billion Rising to the community.

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Campus Resources?

Nipissing University truly cares about their students and offers a variety of on-campus resources to provide us with an incredible post-secondary experience. Are you taking advantage of these resources? Let’s have a look at what Nipissing has to offer.

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Every Day is the Best Day

I do not regret going on this trip. Yes, it was very expensive, physically exhausting, late nights, early mornings, and long hikes in the blazing equatorial sun. But it was extremely beneficial and rewarding.

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Check It Off My List!

We took two flights to return back to Quito. We had one more day of our trip. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a huge temperature change. Because the islands were considerably warmer than the mainland, we felt like Quito was colder, much like summer weather in Canada. At dinner that night I was shivering because I was so used to the warmer Galapagos weather.

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Darwin’s First Island

The next day we changed hotels and took a 3-hour boat ride to the east side of the archipelago to the last island we would be going to – San Cristobal. On the way we passed Santa Fe Island, a smaller island, uninhabited by people, but had a lot of resting blue-footed boobies. San Cristobal however, is larger and is one of the oldest islands. It the first island that Darwin stepped on. It was also the island where we switched tour guides – Juan left to lead another group, and Jessica stepped in his place. Jose, Daniel, and Jessica all lived in San Cristobal.

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What I Was Hoping For

On another day, after returning to Santa Cruz, we took another 2 hour boat ride to the west side of the Galapagos Islands to Isabela Island. Isabela is the largest Galapagos Island (shaped like a seahorse), and is the most geologically active, with 6 volcanoes. Wolf Volcano on the island just erupted on May 25, 2015, about two weeks after we had left the island. The last time it had erupted before that was 33 years ago. We could still see rock striations were lava once flowed from previous eruptions. Here, we saw Galapagos penguins, mangroves and flamingos. The penguins are a separate species only found on the Galapagos Islands, and are among the smallest penguins in the world. The flamingos are much pinker than the ones found elsewhere– they get their colour from their diet of shrimp. Similarly, blue-footed boobies get their foot coloration from eating mackerel and herring, while red-footed boobies get their foot coloration from eating squid.

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Where The Wild Things Are

Santa Cruz is one of the 4 human-inhabited Galapagos Islands; there are 13 main islands in total. About 30,000 – 40, 000 people live among the islands. Santa Cruz has one of the biggest ports, Puerto Ayora, where we stayed. People on the Galapagos make about $600/month, which is double what people on the mainland make, but everything is a little bit more expensive than on the mainland. The biggest difficulty in my opinion was finding your way around because even if you had a map, the street signs were not always clearly visible. The islands are much safer than the mainland and more “touristy”. You can only live in the Galapagos if you were born there, or if you married someone who was. You can work there, but only up to a year, if you were coming from another country.

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Land Ho!

To travel between the Galapagos Islands, officials search your bags at the ports to check if you have any plants or animals that you could spread to other islands, and disrupt the environments there. They lock your bags up so you can’t access them until you reach the other island. Other officials cut them off when you arrive at your destination island. We were told by Victor to take seasickness pills as soon as we woke up that morning, and I’m so glad I did. Some people were sick on the boat. I only saw flying fish and many seabirds on the boat rides, but some people saw a sea turtle and a pod of dolphins.

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What Does “Galapagos” Mean?

The first thing we did on Santa Cruz was to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. Many animals were kept in enclosures for breeding purposes, but some animals like various birds and marine iguanas were wild and hanging around the station. The marine iguanas are so oblivious to all other life that they like statues when they are basking in the sun – I thought they were fake at first. They look very much like small dragons. We also saw a Galapagos mockingbird, which was actually the gateway to Darwin’s theory, not the finches that so many textbooks reference.

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The Importance of Rules

The next day we departed for the Galapagos Islands by plane. Because the islands are a national park, we had to go through a form of customs, even though the islands are still part of Ecuador. This is to make sure we aren’t spreading plants or animals that may harm the ecosystems. You also need to pay $100 to get into the islands upon arrival – this was covered in our costs with EF tours. The islands are also at a much lower elevation than the mainland, so we didn’t need to worry about altitude sickness.

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The first full day after we landed in Ecuador was to explore the city of Quito, the highest official capital city in the world – 2800 m above sea level. Because the city is so high, some of us felt the effects of “altitude sickness”, including headaches, tingly fingers, and shortness of breath. Our trusty EF tour guide, Victor, told us to take it easy on our first day, until we can get acclimated. Lots of water, and hard candy can help. Fortunately, I myself did not suffer too greatly.

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Make the Most of Your Degree

University is all about learning and personal growth. I believe that it is vital that you as a student take full advantage of your degree and your learning experience. I was fortunate to participate in a 2-week trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in South America that was organized by the Nipissing University Biology Department with EF Tours. It came with the option to have it count as a 3-credit spring course, which I decided to register for, along with six other students.

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Beautiful British Columbia

I have an amazing job. Not only do I get to talk to students every day about how exciting it is to consider the university experience and how Nipissing may be just where they belong, I get to travel to do so. I have spent the last two weeks with 45 other Canadian Universities in Victoria, North Saanich, Shawnigan Lake, Nanaimo, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Port Moody, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver and Vancouver, BC with the Canadian Universities Event (C.U.E.). Not too bad for my first time on the West Coast.

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Hey, It’s Your Future

Hey everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Carla and not only am I a part-time graduate studies student at Nipissing University, but I am also staff. I have the honour of working with the NU recruitment team. That means it is my job to talk you and anyone else into studying at Nipissing University. The fall is the most busy and exciting time of the year for prospective students. There are so many decisions to make. WHERE are you going to study and WHAT are you going to study? I can’t answer those big questions for you, but I can tell you what questions you should ask the schools that you are considering. Maybe these questions will help make your decision that much easier!

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My Exchange Experience: First in the Family for University and Travelling

I’ve always been a very independent and hard working person but I never truly felt confident and comfortable with my independence until I came to university. Without that boost in confidence, I don’t think I would have been able to be the first in the family to travel overseas! To put my experience into perspective, I’ll start with a little history about myself and how I got to where I am now, in my third year of university.

Nipissing University’s Local WUSC Committee

DID YOU KNOW by attending Nipissing University you are directly helping a refugee student achieve a university education? That’s right! Every student pays a small levy into their tuition, which in turn allows a refugee student to attend university, which they otherwise may not have been able to do. To date, Nipissing has graduated two refugee students, currently is hosting a third and we are in preparation for our fourth student to join us in September!

Take the Time to EXPLORE

If you ask my friends, they will be the first to tell you that I am a little ‘busy body’. I overload myself when it comes to all aspects of life. School. Work. Volunteer. You name it – I try to get involved. The great thing about Nipissing is that there are TONS of opportunities to get involved in areas of your own individual interest. For me, I was drawn to Nipissing due to its International Exchange Program.

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