Volunteer Opportunities are Worth the Time

When you work on assignments and study to the point where you feel as if you have no free time for yourself, volunteer opportunities can quickly become the last thing on your mind. While I will admit that it is difficult to become involved with campus life and taking the time to volunteer is no […]

It’s All About The Balance

University is both one of the best experiences in your life, and also one of the scariest and most confusing. I know questions continuously go through my head about whether or not I think I’m in the right program, is all this schooling and money worth it, etc. But one colossal question that continues to pop up in my brain is how I’m going to balance all of my deadlines, getting together with my friends, having time for myself, etc.

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Want to get involved? Look no further than NUSA

Hello, my name is Markus Hawco, a third year BBA student specializing in Economics in Marketing. I have been writing as a student blogger now for three years and have been quite involved within the school. I am currently a Community Advisor for residence but more importantly for this article I am the President of the Nipissing University Student Alumni.

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Getting Involved

Congratulations! You survived your first semester of University. It only took a little hard work, dedication, and a lot of coffee, but now you have mastered the art of being a university student. Not quite, now its time for you to get out there and get involved. One of the best reasons to attend Nipissing is the wide range of school activities and groups to be part of. Whether you are athletic, you appreciate books, or you are really fond of learning, Nipissing has something for everyone!

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The Magical saying “Get Involved”

Something that is heard numerous times throughout university as being the “key to a rewarding university experience” is to…get involved. What exactly does this mean? At what amount of involvement are you considered “involved”?

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