Parents & Supporters

Parents & Supporters

The role that parents and family members play in the university admissions process varies widely, but some level of involvement is important as students will benefit from your support, encouragement and input. University admissions can, at times, seem confusing or even overwhelming. A family can help in this by working to take away some of the pressure; accompany your student on campus visits, assist with reminders about deadlines and provide some perspective and a dose of reality throughout the process. We’ve compiled the following links to point you in the right direction to help you understand our admissions process and what it means to be the parent of a Laker:

Admissions and Requirements

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Knowing the costs and understanding the financial aid process is important since graduating from university is an investment in your child’s future. Financial aid is a combination of grants, loans, scholarships and work-study employment designed to help offset the total cost of attendance. Each student has a different set of options available to them so it’s important that all students applying for admission also apply for financial aid.

Join the Laker Community

When your student is admitted to Nipissing University, your entire family becomes a part of our campus community. But there are things to be done before classes start. Help your student keep track of dates, deadlines, and next steps for admitted students.

What to Expect

If you’ve never been to Nipissing University, you’re in for a treat! But to give you an initial idea of what to expect to see when you arrive on campus, be sure to check out our immersive virtual tours and comprehensive photo gallery!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Sure, we could brag ’til we’re blue in the face about our top-rated residences, one-of-a-kind campus atmosphere and a hundred other things that make Nipissing University the place to be but why bother when our students (and even their parents) already do such an awesome job of bragging for us? Check out the student blog to see what our students have to say or take a look at the testimonials below from parents just like you.

Laker Parent: Gord Kerr

Congratulations on your offer to attend Nipissing University! As a graduate myself, and the parent of a student who graduated with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education just a couple of years ago, let me share a few thoughts with you about my son’s experience attending Nipissing.

Andrew chose Nipissing University on the basis of the strong academic program offered and the opportunity to attend a smaller university where he would definitely get to know his colleagues and professors. Nipissing prides itself on smaller class sizes and professors that get to know students by name, and they didn’t disappoint him. Being away from home for the first time, it was important to us that he would feel comfortable, get to know people and experience all that attending school away from home could offer.

Nipissing provided plenty of opportunities for arriving students to get to know each other, what the university has to offer and essentially, they made it easy for people from out of town to get comfortable and begin to experience university life away from home.

Andrew was also interested in sports. Nipissing provided plenty of intramural and varsity sports programs and is one of very few universities in Canada to offer Nordic ski trails right on campus. The new athletic centre was built while Andrew was a student and was ready for everyone to use before he graduated. It is an outstanding facility. Andrew became a member of the varsity Nordic Ski Team which introduced him to yet another circle of friends and gave him a chance to represent Nipissing at a number of university and provincial events.

Attending a smaller university also comes with hidden benefits. Selecting courses was stress free compared to my younger son who attends a larger university. Andrew didn’t have to log in at midnight only to find that the courses and sections that he wanted were already full. Also, Andrew was guaranteed a room in residence in first year, which was instrumental in getting to know people in a new town and easing into life away from home. That is not always available at many of the larger universities. He did enjoy living off campus in his upper years with friends he met in residence.

My wife and I always enjoyed our visits to North Bay to see him. We enjoyed the drive up Highway 11 and came to know several very good restaurants in North Bay. It’s a very comfortable place to visit.

I am certainly happy that Andrew chose Nipissing. As a graduate and the parent of a graduate, I can highly recommend Nipissing University to you.

Gord Kerr, M.Ed. ’06

Laker Parent: Jackie Bourdon

Congratulations on your loved one being accepted to Nipissing University. As a parent of a current student, I wanted to share my thoughts with you on my son’s experience at Nipissing University.

When my son Eric decided to accept his offer of admission to Nipissing University, I must admit I felt relieved and hesitant at the same time. The relief came from knowing that my youngest child would be staying home under my wing for at least another few years. The trepidation came from feeling that he would not have the same university experience that I had when I left North Bay and headed off to pursue my post secondary education in another city.

I had many questions. Would he get involved in frosh week? Would he meet new people and make new friends? Would he gain an independence that would likely develop had he been living and studying away from home? Would he have access to a wide variety of activities and programs?

Eric is currently in his second year in the Bachelor of Physical Education program at Nipissing and, upon reflection, I can honestly say “yes” to all of my questions. He participated in all of the first week activities, where he met all kinds of new friends, both local and from out of town. He is involved in intramural sports, and loves the new athletic facilities and he even enjoys spending time at the new library!

Attending a smaller university has come with many benefits. Selecting courses was stress free compared to my other son who attended a larger university. Eric didn’t have to log in at midnight only to find that the courses and sections that he wanted were already full. The smaller class sizes has meant that Eric is on a first name basis with many of his professors, creating a comfort level in approaching and working with them.

Studying at Nipissing has opened up other doors to my son that would not have been possible had he chose a university out of town. Eric will spend 3 months traveling Europe this year, which never would have been possible financially if we had to incur the expenses that come with living out of town. He is planning on applying for Nipissing’s Exchange and Study Abroad program, again, only possible because he chose Nipissing.

I certainly am happy that Eric chose Nipissing and would highly recommend it to you and your child.

Jackie Bourdon