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Aboriginal Advantage Program

Nipissing University and the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives are pleased to offer the Aboriginal Advantage Program. In this program students will have the opportunity to earn university credits in an environment which encourages growth while respecting cultures and traditions.

The program will provide students with a supportive learning environment where they can pursue their academic goals and be successful.

An integrated team of Elders, staff, faculty and a Student Success Coordinator support learners in the program. This team recognizes and celebrates the learner’s identities as Aboriginal people.

When students successfully complete their first year through the Aboriginal Advantage Program, they will have earned up to 24 university credits towards their university degree. Students will also have developed a strong foundational base of academic and personal skills to help ensure their continued success in their post-secondary studies at Nipissing University.

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* If you want to earn both your undergraduate and professional degrees simultaneously, Nipissing University offers a concurrent program leading to an honours undergraduate degree in your program of choice (except Commerce, Economics, Liberal Arts, Liberal Science, Native Studies, Nursing and Social Work) and a Bachelor of Education. Students interested in programs exempted from Concurrent Education may apply to the Consecutive Education program.

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